The Jolly Librarian Celebrates Poetry Month: Good Poems, American Places

Each Friday during Poetry Month, I’ve recommended a poet or a book of poetry that I’ve recently found. My last recommendation for this month is Good Poems, American Places selected by Garrison Keillor.  This anthology is part of The Writer’s Almanac on NPR as were two previous anthologies, Good Poems and Good Poems for Hard Times.

This collection celebrates the land and culture of America from big cities to small towns and from farmers to Hollywood stars. Keillor knows how to choose engaging poems, those that stay with you after reading. I fully expect my copy of this book to be as marked and post-it tabbed as the other two.

Here are two of my current favorites:



This is one of those great books you can open up to almost any page and be captivated by the poem there. If after reading just a few of these works, you’re not rapidly adding poets to your “to-read” list, I will be very surprised.


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