The Jolly Librarian Ponders the Desperate, the Proactive, and the Dancing Girl in the Library

Spring semester ended last night  Students should have finished up their exams and papers by midnight.  In the library, all books and films were due back yesterday. Today, we officially started break hours, the quiet hours.

And the library is quieter.  But things are still happening. There are students who were trying to get their late assignments turned in. They are easy to spot. They are surrounded by papers and books and have a basic expression of desperation on their faces. Other students come in to turn in late books on their way to turn in those late papers to their instructors.

On the other end of the spectrum are the proactive students. These are the ones who have signed up for summer courses and are already checking to see if there are older versions of the textbooks available. Then there are those who just want to do some reading between terms or watch a few DVDs. One student needed to see how many courses she lacked before graduating.

Then there is the dancing girl. She comes in every so often to watch videos on the computers. One night, she started singing loudly with the artists on the screen, and we had to remind her that she needed to be quiet. that other students working on online tests were not  helped by her singing. Today, she was here, once again borrowing headphones, and listening to music. Every so often, she became so inspired by the music that she’d stand and start dancing in place. And if she’s thinking of going on reality shows, I’d recommend “So You Think You Can Dance” over “American Idol.”

As the break grows longer, we’ll see fewer students, but never less interesting ones.


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