The Library Life Listers: The Heat Is On

Just like that, summer appeared in Nashville. For the past three days, our temperatures have been hovering in the mid-90s. And it has been hard to concentrate on anything other than the ever-present, angry heat. It is perhaps one of the ironies of summer. We look at it from a distant, thinking that its slower pace and frequent vacation days will bring us time to accomplish things on our bucket lists. Yet the heat seems to slow us down as well. Over the years, I’ve heard people say that summer would be the time they would read War and Peace, go on trips to small nearby towns, visit friends more often, and visit local museums. Usually, when I see these folks again in the fall, they admit they got to none of those items; often they have forgotten they even planned to do them.

So with Memorial Day being the official start of summer, look at your life lists and pick a few items that can be done during these long, hot days. And keep the list in front of you, so you won’t forget!

Now to our lists:

Emily is on vacation this week. She was planning to paint various rooms of her house. We’ll check in on her progress next Wednesday.

Allison (Allison could be forgiven for taking a break since she achieved her goal of playing at her brother’s wedding. But she made progress this week as well):

work toward solving the problem of homelessness in Nashville

I bought an “I Brake For The Contributor” bumper sticker (from a great vendor who went out of his way to save one for me); I also bought few more copies of the paper. This morning I started working on a project which, if it turns out well, I may be able to use to benefit the homeless community here. (See next life-list item.)

write some things I’m proud of

Since editing is part of the writing process, I’m counting any editing work I’m proud of toward meeting this goal. I started editing a draft today.
give my best to the ESL classes I help teach

Classes didn’t meet Memorial Day Weekend, but I emailed the director of another ESL program, one which appears quite successful and well-organized, to ask if I might sit in on their next organizational meeting to get some ideas.

Jolly Librarian:

Thought of returning to my first goal of cooking more.

I went to the bookstore to use my 40% coupon. I searched the beginner cookbooks and thought it would be fun to make all the recipes in one, the way that blogger did with the Julia Child book. I especially liked the one that started with ‘boil water.’ But then I saw I would have to invest a great deal of money just to have the basic inventory needed. So decided to think on this for a while.


Have added weights to my regimen. I went to the gym five times last week. But unfortunately, this week, I have only made once it once this week due to morning interviews. Now, really this is an excuse since if I would just get up at 7 a.m. I could easily make both the gym and the interviews. But that is not working. However, since I’m joining a weight loss challenge with English and Speech faculty members next week, I may get the motivation I need. It also may be motivating when I’m forced to take annual leave because all my clothes are so tight that I can’t wear them.



  • Goal: To perform 20 shows this year. Obviously my heart has shifted – or maybe it is just that my reality check has. I think what I have learned most is to enjoy each day. I am not pressuring myself to have any gigs. If the opportunity arises, I take advantage of it. My main goal at 51 is to live each day to its fullest, truly.


  • Goal: Loosen body up and keep soreness out as I age – by walking at least 5 days a week. Steps to goal are now planned – awake and walk early – before traffic and carbon monoxide is heavy in air – biking is an alternative, as well. I will begin my goal on June 2, 2011.


  • Completed “A Short History of Nearly Everything” (Bill Bryson), and acknowledge it to be the most brilliant work I’ve ever read. It has stimulated me to study anthropology and the history of Earth and space. To do this on my own or take classes is my question, and the new semester pushes me to make a decision. I’m leaning toward Astronomy. New June read is a new book I started on audio CD last night– A Walk Across Egypt. Adore it so far.


  • Am feeling the interest to get down to 125 with hopes to feel and look good. This will include giving up sugar and so many carbs and snacking on more veggies – from my garden. Sugar snap peas are here! Had 5 raw ones on my way here yesterday! A total treat J

 ORGANIC FARMING / Farmer Gadd Chronicles

  • This week have replanted eggplant and put out okra, water melon, and more pumpkin! Stepping stone to completed goal of getting all veggies planted is to finish all planting and fencing put in by this Friday.


  • Am doing dishes as I use them! Cleaned house entirely before leaving out of town and am staying on top of it. What a relief!


  • Just not interested. I am going to drop this goal for now.


 Picked in GA with friends. Found that my practicing is helping me play more confidently.


  • Learn to Scuba Dive
  • Go to Hawaii with my mom
  • Do a 25 mile day hike
  • Go canoeing this summer
  • Camp out in NC and see a billion stars again
  • Set my telescope up and see Orion’s nebula where new stars are being born
  • Make my office into a teaching studio


My leg continues to get stronger.  I rode up a big mountain in Georgia over the weekend. 

Some new things I learned:

The word Currahee means “Stands alone”.  Currahee is the mountain in Northeastern Georgia where I was over the weekend.  Because it stands by itself it was used as training grounds during WWII for the airborne paratrooper divisions of the U.S. Army.

New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez was the slugger that hit the first home run checked by instant replay in major league baseball history. It was in a September 2008 game against the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field. The home run call was upheld.

The rearview mirror is now a standard piece of automobile equipment that was introduced 100 years ago on May 30 at the very first Indianapolis 500 race.  It was on the winning car, a single-seat Marmon Wasp driven by Ray Harroun. All other cars in the race had a mechanic in the passenger seat serving as the rearview mirror.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, at 7,000 feet, is the U.S.’s state capital that is at the highest elevation.

My Cycling for Libraries pre-conference idea is now being talked in the executive committee of TLA. 

Check this out for inspiration:









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