Daily Archives: June 6, 2011

Monday Motivator: How Are Those Resolutions Working for You?

Last weekend, I was writing in my journal when I wondered when I had started this specific one. Flipping back to an opening page, I saw what I had written in December: “Got up late this morning, I have to work on this. Half the day wasted. This will be my major New Year’s resolution–get up on time.”

I reacted to those words with a mixture of amusement and horror–because I was reading this at 11:30 a.m., having just dragged myself out of bed four hours after my alarm went off.  Obviously, this is one resolution that’s not working.

Halfway through the year, June is a good time to take out those resolutions made in the optimistic early days of January and see how they’re holding up. For many of us, the picture will not be pretty: Weight not lost. A’s not earned. Muscles still flabby. And on and on.

Still, I don’t advise beating yourself up. June is a perfect time to either discard or renew those resolutions.

There is no shame in deciding that a resolution no longer holds your interest. Maybe you said you resolved to lose 10 pounds because all the other people in your office did. But, in reality, you’re perfectly happy with your curves. Then let it go. Maybe you resolved to learn French, but now you realize you don’t particularly enjoy the language. So dump it like a bad boyfriend.

The only caveat here is that if you dump a goal, replace it. Researchers keep finding that those who are striving for goals tend to be happier, more contented folks. Just find the right one.

And if those resolutions were the right ones, but you have gone astray, there are still six good months left in the year. There’s more than enough time to lose ten pounds (even 100 if you manage to get on The Biggest Loser). You can still be asking where is the bathroom in French by December.

And I have not given up on my goal of getting up earlier. I’m starting today. So far, I have a streak of one day.