The Library Life Listers: We Challenge You to Challenge Us!

While some of the life listers are moving happily through their goals, Emily and I have decided to mix things up a little. You now know some of our goals and interests, and we challenge you to send us some things to add to our lists. (Now we reserve the right not to do them, but we will give them every consideration.) In case you’ve missed them, here are some of our interests, although your suggestions don’t have to be in these categories:

  • Reading
  • Decorating
  • Learning French
  • Photography
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Writing
  • Traveling

Now, I think Emily chose this idea because we won’t have any suggestions and she’ll be off the hook. So prove her wrong, my friends!

Let’s look at this week’s lists:

Emily:  See above challenge.

Jolly Librarian:

  • Joined Yabla to learn French. This is a series of videos to improve listening comprehension. My goal is to feel comfortable enough with French by the time my subscription expires to understand a French film or actual French people.
  • Bought a new camera.
  • Read another book.
  • Brought another selection to Writing Group.
  • Socialized by going to happy hour with English faculty.
  • Joined a weight loss challenge group to lose 10 pounds by the end of summer term.

One massive failure this week:

  • While this certainly isn’t a bucket list item, I’ve been battling oversleeping for a very long time. At my age, I’m becoming more aware that I don’t have all the time in the world to waste. So I made a goal to get up on time each day. Monday was the first day. I did it. Started my streak. Tuesday, I overslept. So far, my streak remains at 1 day.



  • Goal: To perform 20 shows this year:

When I made this goal, I had planned to get bookings with my new band. After much anxiety of trying to assemble a band, I have decided to, instead, book little happy gigs as duets, trios etc. Will be performing Sunday at the Presbyterian Church on Belmont with 2 friends playing banjo J. 


  • Goal: Walk 5 days a week:

I have completely failed again. I work hard in my garden, in my house, yard, etc. To take off walking is SO unappealing of late. I still plan to do this. I just HAVE to come up with a ‘plan’.


  • Read 2 books a month:

Am absolutely loving Bill Bryson’s I’m a Stranger Here (listening to audio Cd), and have started The Last Child by John Hart. Very good.


  • Trying to eat 6 fruits and vegs a day. Got burned out on the yogurt/fruit/nut blends and have been doing lots of simple dinners including raw cabbage, avocado, whole wheat crackers, radishes – that type of thing. Seems to be helping me thin down. Still eating fruitcicles and fudgecicles, but the lack of lots of more calories throughout the day is allowing for the extra calories in these quenching desserts!

 ORGANIC FARMING / Farmer Gadd Chronicles

  • Watering plants daily. Having trouble with something devouring cabbages and cauliflower. Plan to try baking soda; my hope is to use no artificial chemicals. The plants are growing sweetly, and I water each night when I get home. Such a delight! Have eaten fresh raw sugar snap peas all week-right off the plant.


  • Staying on top of this. It has made me so much more peaceful to keep it straightened.


  • Learn to Scuba Dive
  • Go to Hawaii with my mom
  • Do a 25 mile day hike
  • Go canoeing this summer
  • Camp out in NC and see a billion stars again
  • Set my telescope up and see Orion’s nebula where new stars are being born
  • Make my office into a teaching studio
  • See the pyramids
  • See Machu Pichu


My leg continuing to get stronger.  It still swells and feels numb, but today I rode for the first time from the downtown train station to work.  It was going good, until I got a flat tire, but I was able to tell a couple of people who stopped to help me about MERLOT and TEL.  One was a bike commuting molecular biology professor from Vanderbilt University.  I like to look on the positive side of things.

Some new things I have learned:

  • About 22 pounds is what $1 million in $100 bills weighs, according to the U.S. Treasury Department.
  • The romantic song that was played during the opening credits of the 1964 black comedy Dr. Strangelove, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb was. “Try a Little Tenderness.” A slow orchestral version of the song is heard as a nuclear bomber is shown being refueled in mid-flight by another aircraft.
  • Queen Victoria, who wore white when she married her cousin Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg in 1840, was the famous 19th-century world figure that made white wedding gowns fashionable.
  • Helena, Montana was the state capital originally known as Crabtown. It was named for John Crab, one of four prospectors whose discovery of gold there in 1864 brought other fortune seekers to the area, turning it into a boom town.
  • How to use LibGuides and SoftChalk to create library guides.  They are both very easy to learn.  TBR has bought SoftChalk for all the TBR schools.

 I am continuing to work on my Cycling for Libraries pre-conference idea for next year’s TLA conference.


write some things I’m proud of
I spent the weekend formatting a lengthy draft for editing. I also printed the whole thing so that I won’t have to stare at a computer screen during this stage. I’ve decided to read through the entire draft to identify usable material and get a good overall view of the work before I dive in and wrestle with individual sentences and words. I’ve also spent some time reading works I’d like to emulate.

become more fluent in Spanish
In my first or second life list update, I mentioned I needed to buy a certain kind of electric cord so I could listen to Coffee Break Spanish podcasts in my car. Well, over the weekend I FINALLY bought what I needed, and I listened to a few episodes of Coffee Break Spanish during a long drive.

give my best to the ESL classes I help teach
Classes didn’t meet this past weekend, either. I’ve emailed my co-teacher about plans for our next class, though.


2 thoughts on “The Library Life Listers: We Challenge You to Challenge Us!

  1. here are some of mine you can see all of them on my blog…

    1) Find my life’s passion

    2) witness an eclipse

    3) Complete a marathon.

    4) Join the 50 States Marathon Club and run a marathon in all 50 states.

    5) Hike the Appalachian Trail, with someone.

    6) Walk across the Simpson desert in Australia.

    7) Learn to ride a bike efficiently and safely.
    8) Try biking through National Geographic’s 10 Best Bike Trails in the World.

    9) Take a bike tour or/and Road Trip through California Wine Country

    10) Go mountain biking.

    11) Take make-up lessons with a make-up specialist.

    12) Ride a bicycle from Los Angeles to New York.

    13) try / go canoeing.

    14) try / go kayaking.

    15) Go tubing

    16) drive a jet ski

    17) drive a speed boat (i think i did that, and if i did then i can’t wait for a second time)

    18) play real golf

    19) practice playing tennis.

    20) perfect my serve.

    21) resolve to excel in it (tennis)

    22) go on a fishing trip, and catch a big fish

    23) Go to a shooting range

    24) get listens to carry a pistol

    25) bowl a strike.

    26) Go horse back riding.

    27) Take horse back riding lessons (if i like it)

    28) Go horseback riding along the beach.

    29) Learn to ski.

    30) go snowmobiling

    31) go high diving

    32) try / learn fencing

    33) learn archery

    34) fire from a Refle

    35) take a basic self-defense class

    …. and much more

    BTW great website, oh and if you would want more ideas try this link its john goddards famous life list, he is AMAZING!

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