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Library Life Listers: Making a Little Progress Day by Day

In the life list business, it’s important to realize that, when you want to improve skills, it takes time, and progress can come in small drips and bits. Especially if you’re trying to learn a new language or break a bad habit, it often feels like the proverbial one-step forward, two-steps back. That’s why it can be so important to keep track of progress, so you can realize that you’re now reading actual French and not having to look up each word or that, although you’re still overeating, it’s now only 3 days out of the week. Just a simple checklist can help keep you on track!  Try it.

Now for our life lists:


Painted dining room. Not sure if I like the color.

Emily's New Dining Room Color

Vegetable garden still growing, but its care has been met with many a bug bite.

Probably need to revisit item 12: Write fewer sentence fragments.

New list item: Get MFJ to realize life listing has run its course.  (Jolly Librarian note: Emily is the sassy librarian!)



  • Goal: To perform 20  1 show with my full band this year.

Got a call this morning for another gig (duet) next Friday here in town at a wedding reception. Very happy about this.


  • Walk 5 3 days a week:

Walked 1 durn day – yesterday—about 3 miles along greenway – over to Sylvan Park and back. I highly recommend this, and it occurred to me while strolling along over bridge and smelling the moist wood near the creek—that I cannot actually believe I go through ANY day without such a peaceful place/time to reflect and gather myself. I am inspired and plan to get into the routine of doing this — (especially since I’ve discovered that there is a route via the Greenway –over to Bobbi’s Dairy Dip on Charlotte!!!)


  • Read 2 books a month:

On last cd of Bill Bryson’s I’m a Stranger Here and still reading The Last Child by John Hart. Have 2 new Bryson books for trip home this upcoming weekend. Will keep you updated.


  • Trying to eat 6 5 fruits and vegs a day.

Have given up on fudgecicles. Have been eating raw vegetable suppers including avocado / raw cabbage / raw jalapeno and cayenne peppers. Also adding raw pecans and Swiss cheese and stone ground crackers. Love these nutritious meals and feel they help boost my immune system. Too, because they are low in calories, I can eat more. Also, I’ve added in jello –almost every day – in order to strengthen my nails.

ORGANIC FARMING / Farmer Gadd Chronicles

  • Tomato plants are growing strong and tall – small fruits are appearing. Jalapenos are coming. Squash, pumpkin, cucs and okra, as well as yellow squash and green beans are coming up beautifully. Such a thrill.
  • Staying on top of this week to week. It’s all I can do, but I’m determined to surround myself with a peaceful, organized living place. It makes a difference in my overall being.


  • Learn to Scuba Dive
  • Go to Hawaii with my mom
  • Do a 25 mile day hike
  • Go canoeing this summer
  • Camp out in NC and see a billion stars again
  • Set my telescope up and see Orion’s nebula where new stars are being born
  • Make my office into a teaching studio
  • See the pyramids
  • See Machu Pichu


translate the book of Esther

I have found, to my dismay, that translating and writing are so similar in the kind of energy and effort they require (not to mention time) that I can’t make significant progress toward my goals in both of these domains at the same time. For this reason, I still haven’t translated any further than Esther 5:8. I’m all right with this, though. I’ve made significant progress, and I’ve enjoyed and benefited from the experience so far. Even if I don’t finish translating Esther this year (and now that I’m so far behind schedule, this doesn’t seem likely), I still want to translate the whole book eventually. It just might take longer than I’d originally planned.

work toward solving the problem of homelessness in Nashville

Back to looking into volunteer opportunities. Read up on a couple of volunteer organizations in the area; sent a couple of inquiry emails.

write some things I’m proud of

Check. Earlier this week I finished something that I’m pretty happy with. And without going into huge detail about the project I’m editing–it’s going well, too.

become more fluent in Spanish

Attended the Spanish-speaking church Sunday evening.

give my best to the ESL classes I help teach

Sunday afternoon’s class went reasonably well. I’m in charge of the next class. I haven’t yet finished preparing, but I do have a plan for it.



My leg continues to get stronger.  I’ve even been able to stand up to pedal uphill some.  It hurts a bit, but it’s good therapy.  I am still scared of cars.

New things learned I learned this week:

  • The grade Ohio high school student Robert Heft got for the history class project for which he designed what is now the U.S.’s 50-star flag was a B-minus. That was in 1958, when there were 48 states. Heft’s teacher promised to change the grade to an A if Congress ever adopted the design. That happened two years later, after Alaska and Hawaii became states.
  • At the beginning of World War II, the Washington, D.C., building that had a subterranean bunker with desks, beds, and a fully stocked kitchen set up for the president was the Treasury Building, in its vault area. The bombproof emergency shelter was kept in readiness 24/7 in the event of an air attack on the nation’s capital.
  • The four sports where players dribble a ball are basketball, soccer, water polo, and bandy. Bandy is a winter sport played on ice with a ball and stick.
  • The innovative techno-musician Moby come by his unusual name because he was a relative (a great-great-great-nephew, give or take a great) of writer Herman Melville, author of Moby-Dick. He was nicknamed Moby in early childhood.
  • Koala’s have 2 thumbs on each front paw along with 3 fingers.
  • Armenia’s coat of arms features a picture of Noah’s Ark resting atop Mount Ararat. Mount Ararat—in eastern Turkey, on its borders with Armenia and Iran—has long been considered the sacred symbol of Armenia and the spiritual home of its people.
  • Yesterday was Flag Day and I learned that the first U.S. flags were made of hemp, a sustainable fiber that requires no pesticides or dioxins to process.


I just cataloged a book called, The Party Girl Cookbook, which I thought might help some of my colleagues with their desires to be more social and cook more interesting dishes.

I continue to tell everyone about TEL and MERLOT.  I produced a LibGuide about TEL.  http://nscc.libguides.com/tel

It tells about the new addition to TEL: the World Book Encyclopedia!

I also produced a handout for students about my 2 favorite mobile device apps: Access My Library(Gale research databases) and EBSCO’s new library database app.  I produced a guide about “mobile apps for libraries” using MERLOT’s Content Builder.


Cycling for Libraries is still being worked on.


The Jolly Librarian:

Weight Loss Challenge: Joined two friends to lose 10 pounds each this summer. On our first weigh-in, our total weight loss was (wait for it!!!) 1.4 pounds.

Getting Up On Time: So far, my streak remains at 1 day. I get up on time one day and not the next. But being the ever-eternal optimist, I keep trying.

Cooking: I have become re-motivated to learn to cook. I’ve bought a cookbook and will be working on healthy recipes to bring for lunch. Of course, before I actually cook something, I will have to buy the utensils, the pots and pans, and ingredients, including any spices that may be required.

Learning French: Having joined Yabla, I was afraid just watching videos wouldn’t work. But I have found that taking the quiz at the end of the video is very helpful. It makes me listen carefully to the dialogue. So carefully, a couple of times, I had new wrinkles after completing the task.

Photography: Am playing with my new camera, learning how it works, and taking lots of pictures. I am also reading a book on it, so I can use all its features.