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Library Life Listers: Summer Time

Now, in my mind, I was thinking that summer would be a great time for checking off some life list items. After all, I’m on a modified contract, so I should have some extra time. Right? Somehow, that doesn’t seem to be quite true. Or maybe I’m just spending that extra time catching up on reruns of America’s Next Top Model. In any case, my accomplishment list is not getting any longer.

But let’s see how my colleagues are doing:


(Sally is away in East Tennessee at a library conference.)


  • Learn French: For the time being, I’ve quit. However, I still remember the words for candle and bus, which I’m sure will come in handy if I ever get lost in Paris at night. (Jolly Librarian’s comment:  I have a vision of Emily holding a candle waiting for the bus. I don’t think she’ll last long in Paris.)
  • Cook new dish: Last week’s dish was pistachio crusted orange roughy with a Greek yogurt sauce.
  • Grow garden: Only harvest has been jalapenos and herbs. We have many green tomatoes coming in.

 Jolly Librarian:

  • Cooking: After buying my cookbook, I was ready for my first dish. I made egg salad. It was tasty and my lunch for two days. I’m going to ignore that the only cooking involved was boiling eggs.
  • Reading: I bought two more books that are on my “Books that English Professors Should Have Read But Somehow I Missed” list: Gulliver’s Travels and Don Quixote. They join the fifty or so other books on my ‘to-read’ shelf.
  • Doing Things Rather Than Whining about Them: I discovered this week, I can combine the two. There was a mouse in my kitchen. I whined as I set the trap. I whined the next morning when the mouse was caught and I had to dispose of his carcass. And I whined as I cleaned up the kitchen afterwards.


translate the book of Esther

While I haven’t done any more work on this – and am still fine with that – I had a conversation with a friend whose Hebrew professor recommended the book of Esther specifically as a good book to translate to keep in practice. Now my friend is thinking of tackling the book…I told her she should, and that as she gets further into it we should compare translations. This should be fun!

work toward solving the problem of homelessness in Nashville

I really, really want to volunteer somewhere, but with the schedule I’m keeping (I choose to spend hours at a time writing, for instance), I just don’t know if I can. Last week I did have an opportunity to explain to someone why I support The Contributor. I hope I was able to clear up some misconceptions about the nature and purpose of the program. This conversation was a small step, I guess, but one person better informed and less skeptical of a program that works (over 35% of Contributor vendors have obtained housing through profits from their sales) constitutes a small change in the fabric of our society. If any of you wish to learn more about The Contributor, you might visit the website http://thecontributor.org/main/, including the FAQ section.

write some things I’m proud of

I’ve been focusing on the overall shape of the piece I’m editing before getting down to individual words and sentences. So far, so good…

become more fluent in Spanish

I reloaded my ipod with some earlier episodes of Coffee Break Spanish, so I can review. I also visited a Spanish-speaking church Sunday evening.

give my best to the ESL classes I help teach

I taught Sunday afternoon’s class by myself, and it went well.



  • Have a benefit gig this coming Sunday. I sure would appreciate anyone who could come.
  • Benefit


  • I attended a reunion of family and friends I grew up with this weekend and was deeply concerned and sadly alarmed to see so many dear people I love having become…well, obese. Along with this, I can’t tell you the number of folks who informed me they are now diabetic. This has inspired me to again rid my body of high sugar and carbs, grease, etc. I do not want to go through life never allowing myself a treat, but it seems time to sculpt the thin layer of fat off of my body and get to business eating responsibly. It’s my life, after all.
  • Plan to walk the greenway again this week.


  • Read 2 books a month:

Completed I’m a Stranger Here by Bill Bryson

Listening to a new Bill Bryson book Neither Here Nor There

Reading The Last Child  by John Hart


  • Emily, please bring your scale….The day of reckoning has arrived!

ORGANIC FARMING / Farmer Gadd Chronicles

  • New cherry tomatoes are green and full. Cabbages are turning into real little cabbage heads! Sugar snap peas all gone. Green beans on the way. Watermelon, pumpkins, cucs, canteloupe and yellow squash peeking out but taking their time. Stay tuned…

THRILLED to be on top of things!!


  • Learn to Scuba Dive
  • Go to Hawaii with my mom
  • Do a 25 mile day hike
  • Go canoeing or kayaking
  • Camp out in NC and see a billion stars again
  • Set my telescope up and see Orion’s nebula where new stars are being born
  • Make my office into a teaching studio
  • See the pyramids
  • See Machu Pichu