The Library Life Listers: Always Beginning

“Perhaps I’m too old to do this,” a friend said today about going back to school.  It reminded me of another friend back in Alabama who said something similar to his father: “Dad, if I go back for my Master’s now, I’ll be forty when I’m finished.”

“Son,” his father said. “You’ll be forty anyway. The only question is do you want to be forty with or without that degree?”

Sure, there are some age requirements out there. I know that I can’t train to be an astronaut even if I didn’t have dizziness issues, and watching Wimbledon this week reminds me that 30 in the pro-tennis world is considered really pushing it. And there are some things that really should have age limits: Being loudly drunk at the Ryman is not cute after you hit 22, for example. And almost no one out of college can pull off a pair of stretchy pants with the word “juicy” on the bum.

Still, most age limits are self-imposed. It would be hard to bemoan you’re too old to take college classes when, here at NSCC, you might be in class with retirees. I saw on the news the other night, a woman who took up running in her 60s and now, in her 90s, is breaking records all over the place (mostly because she’s the only person her age running, but still. . .).

So, if there are some goals you’ve left off your life list because you think you’re too old, go back and reexamine them. You’re probably not—unless you’re thinking of buying some “juicy” sweatpants.

Now for the lists:


write some things I’m proud of

Spent a few hours with about a fourth of my draft Saturday evening. It’s in a bit better shape now.

become more fluent in Spanish

Listened to part of an episode of Coffee Break Spanish, used some Spanish in teaching ESL this week, read (or tried reading) some poetry in Spanish, and told the man who came in to clean the building Friday, “Que tenga un buen fin de semana!” This morning I emailed Pam in Spanish.

give my best to the ESL classes I help teach

I’ve been teaching class by myself lately since the lead teacher is taking care of some other responsibilities. Sunday’s class went reasonably well.


Grow vegetable garden: Basil, tomato and cucumbers are all doing well.

Read less tripe, more classics: Read Eudora Welty’s The Optimist’s Daughter over the weekend.

Jolly Librarian:

Socialize more:

  • Was quite the socializer this week: Attended a party on Friday night and actually talked with people I didn’t know. Then on Monday, I helped give Sara’s retirement party. Yesterday, I attended a little party for my boss’s retirement and birthday. Also, last week, I went to hear Harlan from the English department play and sing. (He’s very good!)

Complain less and just get things done:

  • This did not work so well mainly because I had a second mouse in my house. When I awoke yesterday, I found it sitting in the middle of my kitchen after escaping the trap. Let’s just say there was a traumatic period afterwards for both the mouse and me. Luckily, a friend was close by and came over and took the mouse away. But the combined effect of two mice in two weeks has made me quite a whiner at work. I think the library staff may come over and do a mouse hunt from top to bottom just to prevent further episodes of such public wailing and gnashing of teeth.



  • Benefit gig was successful in that we raised over $1600!
  • Next gig / High Hampton, NC – private trio gig with old friends from former band, Wild Rose. Should be great fun!


  • Another family was recently (today) diagnosed with DIABETES. It is so alarming, it is making me physically sick at my stomach. MUST control carbohydrate intake and maintain good blood sugar health. If not for me, as an example for others.
  • As far as walking, I have to say that I’ve still found an incredible outlet for exercise by weeding and planting, but not by walking. MUST find a workable routine. Am considering swimming rather than walking—wish me luck. TBA
  • I’ve discovered that I need BALANCE in my exercise routine. I overdo it and get sore and feel pain all week. I am thinking the Sportsplex may be for me. Swimming keeps speaking to me for overall movement and strengthening.


  • Read 2 books a month:
  1. Still listening to Bill Bryson’s Neither Here Nor There
  2. Checked out a new Margaret Atwood book, have not started it yet, but it is next in line.
  3. Put Last Child on hold by John Hart


  • Weighed at my friend’s house on a good scale and was delighted to be 138.5  This gives me added inspiration to go for another 10! Thinking seriously about heading for 125. I’d feel SO good. It would be so interesting to see if my cholesterol and sugar would further drop. It is normal, but it would be interesting to see the link between diet and good health.

ORGANIC FARMING / Farmer Gadd Chronicles

  • My neighbor kindly gave me some nutrients to add to my plants that are not so healthy looking. He says I need them in the dirt. The watermelon, beans, cantaloupe, okra and cucumbers are just not growing thick and green. They seem weak and yellowish. Update to follow J
  • Transplanted pepper and tomato plants. Tomatoes are coming in beautifully.


Have let things pile up (except for DISHES!!!). I’m staying on top of kitchen and bathroom.


  • Learn to Scuba Dive – Checked into lessons and gear. Cannot afford yet
  • Go to Hawaii with my mom
  • Do a 25 12 mile day hike — J
  • Have discovered a friend loves kayaking! Plans for a backpacking trip are in progress with kayaking on the list, as well J
  • Camp out in NC and see a billion stars again
  • Set my telescope up and see Orion’s nebula where new stars are being born
  • Make my office into a teaching studio – GOOD GRIEF this is a MUST! Am recruiting students –anyone know of someone interested in clawhammer banjo, five string banjo, mandolin or guitar lessons? THANKS for passing along my info, if so:
  • Visit the pyramids and Egypt
  • Visit Machu Pichu
  • Take a cruise to Greece


My leg muscles continue to get stronger.  I rode my bike all the way home to Mt. Juliet yesterday.  It was fun. I’m still very slow.   A couple hills I had to walk.  I saw the mayor of Nashville at Heartland Park.

I got to promote MERLOT and TEL to the Metro Nashville teachers that were on our campus yesterday for some training.  I sent them a link to My LibGuide about TEL and Content builder Tool about MERLOT.  That was fun!

Last week in East Tenn. I learned about a lot of new apps.  One is called Discovr.  It’s free and you can type in your in the name of an app you like and it will link you to other similar apps.  Pretty cool!

I’m learning about SoftChalk and MERLOT.

I am still working on my Cycling for Libraries idea for TLA next year.



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