Daily Archives: July 12, 2011

Life Lessons from the Library: Affection Can Be Shown in Many Ways

Lately, I’ve been thinking that my attempt to make students feel comfortable in the library has succeeded a little too well. Just last week, a student asked a staff member on a date. Another announced that she had a friend visiting: her MONTHLY friend. Yikes! I’m thinking of re-establishing some boundaries.

Still, there is something a little charming about students feeling comfortable enough with the staff to treat us as people, even when the results areĀ embarrassing for us. After all, a staff member told me today that she never raised her hand in class her entire college career. And I can’t remember ever talking to a librarian at the large university I attended. So although there are times that I am tempted to raise my hands and shout out, “TMI, TMI,” I can’t help but think of their comfort level as a sort of affectionate confidence in our staff.

After all, I’m guessing if you’re comfortable enough to ask us out, then you’re comfortable enough to let us help you with a research assignment.