Library Life Listers: And the Lists Go On . . .

Sometimes I think it’s not that I’m failing in my life list items, it’s that I put the wrong items on there. For example, if I’d placed “sleeping through 3 alarms at least 5 days a week,” I’d be feeling quite successful now.  As you can probably surmise, I am not feeling great about my summer accomplishments. I thought I’d be more motivated this summer; instead, I have been distinctly sloth-like in almost areas of my life. But maybe my colleagues are doing better. Let’s check the lists.


Translate the book of Esther:

Work toward solving the problem of homelessness in Nashville:

After weeks of driving around without any cash, I withdrew some small bills last night so I can get back to supporting The Contributor.

Write some things I’m proud of:

I’ve been spending some time writing (or editing) almost every day.

Become more fluent in Spanish:

Listened to a couple episodes of Coffee Break Spanish.

Give my best to the ESL classes I help teach:

My co-teacher taught this past week, so I enjoyed a break.



Learn French: I failed to mention I quit my French lesson about a month ago.

Cook a new dish/pie each week: Made cucumber, mint, basil soup with excess of cucumbers and herbs. Soup just isn’t meant to be cold.

Drive across country: Decided driving to the beach was more apropos.

Grow vegetable garden and herb garden: Cucumbers? Anyone….anyone….  (Emily has become attached to her cucumbers. Let her tell you in her own words!)

Jolly Librarian:

Weight Loss Challenge: Lost one pound last week. This was an inexplicable miracle.

Socialize: Went downtown with friends for dinner and music. Remembered why I don’t go downtown that often. Ate a thousand-calorie brownie sundae, which makes the weight loss even more inexplicable.

Writing: Had a great idea for a story. But can’t make it work.  I am now five pages in and have not even gotten to the image that inspired the story in the first place.

Reading: Finished reading another book this week. Am on track.


Letter writing

Bought a little necklace to send my mom and got out a card to write her. Plan to over the weekend.


  • Show in NC was a bit difficult as we were up high overlooking a balcony railing to the listeners below—and it was very dark! We did a lot of laughing as well as picking and singing. Overall, we had a great time. No upcoming shows at this point…


  • I planned to begin a walking regime when I returned from NC but got sick. My plans are still in my head. Time to hit the pavement—come Monday July 25, 2011.


  1. Started new Margaret Atwood book, The Year of the Flood. Have begun a 2nd book that Charles found for me about the fabric of space and time. I shall keep you’all posted, as I know each of you is chomping at the bit and wanting to borrow it when I get done!

Weight 128

  • Weighed at the doctor today. New weight 141. Time to get slimming. Carbohydrates have been at an all-time high. I find them comforting and easy at-hand foods when you’re hungry (and when I’m hungry J ) MUST, simply MUST, find a balanced food plan. Does ANYONE know of one?

Farmer Gadd Chronicles

  • Have been picking cherry tomatoes and currant tomatoes (tiny, cute ones) EVERY day, and now the Roma tomatoes are coming in. I’m so excited. Plants are really taking off since feeding them 2 weeks ago. Green beans are beautiful, and I’ve been eating them raw in the evenings with other veggies (peppers, lettuce), etc. If you want to eat more nutritiously, grow your own easy foodstuff!

Keep house organized

Amazing what it will do for your mind to keep your house straightened. I’ve FINALLY gotten in the habit of keeping it ‘picked up’!


  • Learn to Scuba Dive
  • Go to Hawaii with my mom
  • Hike some on the Appalachian trail
  • Go canoeing this summer ACCOMPLISHED!
  • Go kayaking this summer
  • Go fishing and camping this summer in NC under the stars
  • Set up telescope
  • Make my office into a teaching studio ACCOMPLISHED
  • Visit the pyramids and Egypt
  • Tour the Holy Land via a cruise!
  • Visit Machu Pichu


My leg still continues to get stronger. (I got to ride a BMW bicycle while in California. It was part of the hotel we were staying in for the Emerging Technology Conference. It was a really nice bike!)

I learned a lot about technology at the conference.  The most important is that TBR is keeping MERLOT.  MERLOT is more important than ever because of the fact that educators can share resources around the world.  I shared MERLOT with a student waiting for the CAL Train.  My two presentations that I did went pretty well.  I liked doing the poster session better because it as one-on-one teaching.  More like being a librarian.  I am going to put a MERLOT tab in all my LibGuides.  I also learned about 2 apps that allow Flash to be played on the iPad: iSwifter and Puffin.  Tennessee is leading the way in mobile educational technology.  Check out the new TBR elearning initiative website. Here is my Content Builder and SoftChalk Poster Session.  There is now a template in Content Builder for adding good educational apps to MERLOT, called “Teaching with Mobile Apps”.

I also continue to tell everybody about TEL.

I am still working on my Cycling for Libraries pre-conference idea for TLA next year.




2 thoughts on “Library Life Listers: And the Lists Go On . . .

  1. It’s a good thing growing veggies is not on my list, because I have 2 tomato plants and every time the tomatoes are almost ready to pick some critter gets them first! Oh well, at least the critters in Mt. Juliet are happy! I guess I will stick to being the biking app librarian! Oh and Emily, I would like to ride my bike across country someday and promote MERLOT! Biking is so much fun.

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