September Challenge: Breaking a Bad Habit, First Check-in

The Jolly Library and her plucky crew have decided on what bad habits they’ll be taking on for the September challenge. Here they are:

  • Not sleeping through the alarms in the mornings.
  • Not staying up late on work nights.
  • Cutting out the nagging about a husband’s love of games.
  • Not paying enough attention to financial matters.
  • Swearing.
So far, our beginning has been slightly positive, although not especially auspicious. We’ve all made progress; unfortunately, the purpose of the monthly challenge is to do something everyday for a month (the idea being that you can do anything for a month. An idea our group seems to have having a hard time getting a handle on.)
Still . . .
  • The late sleeper has risen with the alarm more times than not.
  • The refusing-to-go bed person has only stayed up too late on Facebook one night.
  • The nagging wife claims to have backed off the husband, although the hubby was hoping for a complete nag-free month.
  • The swearer is having a hard time due to some unforeseen circumstances.
  • And the bad money manager h

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