Faculty/Staff Recommendation: Diane Eagle

Diane Eagle

Diane Eagle

ESL Professor

Ever wonder what that cute girl really thinks of you?  Want to know if your kids are lying to you?  Is that international student really trying to be rude with that hand gesture?  Ever seen the TV show “Lie to Me” and wonder what a micro-gesture is?  Only about 30% of meaning is communicated with words; the rest is conveyed through voice and body language.  People are sending out signals, both consciously and unconsciously, all the time, and The Definitive Book of Body Language, by Allan and Barbara Pease, can help you interpret them.  You can read the entire book, or just pick certain chapters that are the most interesting to you.  It’s based on scholarly research, but its humor and illustrations make it very readable.  The authors of this book also wrote Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps, which I also enjoyed.


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