The Library’s September Challenge: The Final Check-In

Let’s face it: If you were kidnapped and the library staff had to give up a bad habit for a month to save you, it would be very sad for you. We had our difficulties and did not end on a strong note. It’s kind of amazing that among a group of people with five advanced degrees, musical careers, and various other accomplishments, we somehow couldn’t give up anything for 30 days. Still, we’re all doing better than we started, and that is a positive step.

Here is each person’s update in his/her own words:

The Person with Several Challenges–

September’s challenges waned….I started at not pulling at my hair, but soon failed, for it brought me comfort…especially when doing my new math lab homework. Theeeennnn, I attempted to give up cussing. Mathlab changed my mind on that….I then decided the challenge for me would be not to eat red meat, and although this challenge tugs at my heart, I have partaken of red meat several times this month – starting with my mother’s delicious welcome home supper several weekends ago. This brought back a small craving; however, I’ve only eaten it twice since, and I plan to continue my attempt. Next month…start walking and working out. It is time…way past. I don’t want to grow old … an invalid. Wish me luck!

The Early-to-Bed Person

Breaking a bad habit is not nearly as exciting as accomplishing goals on a “life list”! But, for me, tackling a bad habit (like staying up indefinitely) can be slightly less depressing if I focus on cultivating a good one (going to bed at or near 9:00) in its place. I had moderate success this month. Even on nights when I stayed up past nine, I was usually asleep by ten. It helped that my goal was specific (9:00) rather than vague (“early”). It also helped that I chose to work on a habit that has a strong and immediate effect on my life.

 The Early-to-Rise Person:

I’m not sure what constitutes total failure. I certainly didn’t make the 30 days. I probably made half of them, so that’s not great. Still, it’s better than it was before. I’ve also learned where I’m going wrong: staying up too late and then reading after I go to bed, both which make the alarm seem to sound way too early. I’m going to continue this challenge into October.

 The Money Guy:

It has been nice walking up to a cash register either having cash or knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that my card will not be declined.  I guess if I ever want to own anything I will need to be able to work within a budget and although I did not always keep within my budget this month I remained aware of where I stood financially and that took some pressure off.


Now I need to challenge myself to do something that is not a challenge.  A self- prescribed challenge about challenges, totally meta.


Most of us will continue with this, but next week is a new month. And that means a new challenge!



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