The Library October Challenge: Organize/Declutter One Space

Last week, I ordered some t-shirts from The Gap. When they came, I was quite happy until I started to put them away in my closet. There, shoved between larger, bulkier shirts, were two gray Gap t-shirts in the exact style and shade as my new ones. It was then that I realized that my closet needed some organizing.

So this month, the library staff is issuing the challenge of decluttering and organizing one space at the home or office. It is something that our office surely needs to do as the most cursory visit to the bowels of the library staff’s work areas will attest. Still, for some of us, our homes/cars are what need it most.

So here we go:

Staff Member 1’s goal is to clean out her car:

The Back Seat

Staff Member 2’s goal is to clean out the bedroom closet:

The Closet

Staff Member 3’s goal is to straighten up her office:

The Cubicle

Staff Member 4’s goal is to clean up her documents folder:

The Word Processing Files

Staff Member 5’s goal is also to clean up her computer space AND her physical file cabinet.

Be honest. You know that you too have that place where papers, socks, canned goods, and frozen vegetables go to die. You know that you have the closet that can’t be opened because things might fall and crush you. Admit that you have the garage that you can’t get your car into for all the junk. And make a commitment to clean up just one area during October.



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