The October Challenge: Then Came the Excuses . . .

  • I got a headache from all that dragging and dropping.
  • I’ve so many projects going on right now.
  • It’s easy to be a slob when you live alone.
  • I still have a week and a half to go. So don’t bug me.
After the initial enthusiasm and action, there comes a down time, a time when folks realize how messy their rooms, cars, or offices actually are and they become discouraged. For us, apparently, that would be week 2.
First, let’s take another look at Car Person’s photo in Week 1:
Where do you put the people?
Now let’s look at this week’s photos:
At least the tire is gone!
Is that a fish?
I don’t think there’s anything else to say about this.
For the rest of us:
  • Closet Guy was basking in success until a mouse decided to take up residence in his newly organized closet.
  • The Jolly Librarian has cleaned out two file drawers. Unfortunately, not everything can be thrown away: personnel files, etc. Still, older files are now in a different place so more pertinent information can be accessed quickly.
  • Desktop Librarian is cleaning up her computer as the neat row of folders on her documents page attests. But the chore is giving her headaches.
Still, we’re all making progress. Well, except for Car Person who may be slipping backwards. But she promises to make progress this week. Keep your fingers crossed, and in the meantime, don’t ask for a ride with a certain person from the library.

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