Life Lessons from the Library: Celebrate Those Who Have Left Us

This October the Mayfield Library lost a good friend and colleague when Jim Janosky, coordinator of the Horticulture program at Nashville State Community College, died suddenly.

One only has to go look at the greenhouse to see evidence of the enormous contribution Jim made to the program. But we in the library have memories of him as well.

He was always coming in to check out a video to show to one of his classes on topics such as soil propagation. He had, without a doubt, the college’s oldest ID card, an old blue paper thing with no picture on it. It was torn and taped together. And we laughed at his determination to make it last.

When we had an exhibit featuring horticulture, he loaned us several plants from the greenhouse, although he had seen the pitiful state of the few green things we had managed to keep alive in the library.  Because of his trust in us, we kept them blooming during the exhibit  (although we suspect he paid several secret visits to check on their health).

We didn’t have the daily contact with Jim that his department or his students did. But we are grateful to have known him.




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