The Library November Challenge: Pick Up (and Drop) a Resolution

The Jolly Librarian has been staring at my computer screen trying to think of a way to put a good face on failure. Because fail we did this week. Most people dropped the ball on those resolutions:

Indecisive girl remained indecisive.

Exercise guy did none.

Work-out girl walked one day and then decided to change her resolution to clearing up her home office.

Cubicle guy still has a most crowded and messy cubicle.

And then poor Grandma girl went home sick and couldn’t report.

But there were three bright spots:

Vending machine guy hit the buttons for a Snickers and was told to make another selection. He used that opportunity to buy another untried treat and was rewarded by having both fall.

Novel girl is plugging along, writing each day.

And TLA has expressed interest in the “Cycling for Libraries” pre-conference idea.

Our blip made me wonder how to set up a goal so that there is a greater chance of success. One idea mentioned last week was to make sure the goals are SMART ones.

Two other factors that lead to success are regular monitoring and accountability. Checking up on your progress can keep the goals in the front of your mind. There are a million ways to do it from a simple check on a calendar to websites designed for just such a purpose. People who like to their monitoring online should check out the following:

Joe’s Goals



For iPad or iPhone fans, there are apps such as “Your Chain” and “Goal Tracker.”

Accountability is the second part. And I just realized that having to tell me their progress each week should be a form of accountability for my staff. Obviously, I need to get meaner.


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