The Mayfield Library Gives Thanks

Ah, the sights and sounds of the day before Thanksgiving on our campus. I was almost run over by a faculty member in the parking lot; she was clearly getting out of Dodge. And here in the library, staff are surrounded by students who are trying to find those last sources so they can indulge in that time-honored tradition–writing a research paper over the long holiday.

I asked my staff to name what they’re thankful for this season. And here they are, in no particular order:

Faye Vaughn: “I am so very thankful that my Lord, Jesus Christ, came into my life and saved me. I’m also thankful for my children, Bob (my son) and Becky (my daughter).  I’m thankful for my job, the Library staff, and my fellow coworkers at NSCC.May each and everyone have a very blessed Thanksgiving,”

Sally Robertson: “I am thankful for new Music City Bikeway that makes it safe to ride a bike from NSCC to downtown, via greenways, bike lanes and marked bike routes.”  She also mentioned that she’s glad not to be in surgery as she was this day last year after a bicycle/SUV accident.

Charles May: “I’m grateful for my family and grateful that there is snow in the forecast.”

Pam Gadd: “Everyday, in my little cloud of joyfulness, I wonder what it is that I will finally die from; so each day when I awake to find that I’m actually still here, I am very thankful that I get to continue this road of living.”

Allison Boyd: “One thing…so hard to narrow it down to just one thing! I’m thankful for all the great teachers I’ve had, from elementary school all the way through grad school, whose examples of hard work, precision, dedication, and compassion have kept me going this semester.”

Emily Bush: Poor Emily. This exercise brought back bad childhood memories Still, she managed it: “I’m thankful my problems are first world.” (This video is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.)

Jolly Librarian: “I’m grateful that Purchasing and Computer Services don’t go into together to hire a hit man. I’m grateful that Becky Abu-Orf will take time out during her evening at home to check to see if database links are working. I’m thankful for all the students and former students who stop by to let us know how they’re doing. And I’m especially grateful for the entire LRC staff.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

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