Monday Motivator: Step Away from the Crazy Person

If you’re like me, you’ve noticed an exponential increase in crazy these past few weeks. The combination of the end of the semester and the holiday season seems to take its toll on everyone, resulting in some irrational behavior. Perhaps you can’t expect much else when the top news story following Thanksgiving was about a woman who pepper-sprayed her competitors at a Black Friday sale.

But there’s crazy closer to home as well. Today, at least two Facebook friends reported being yelled at by angry students. One friend is in the middle of a family drama that, if you supplied a laugh track, could be on television, except no one in the family is laughing. Hurt feelings seem to abound everywhere. And don’t even get me started on the downright maniacal driving habits of shoppers in Green Hills.

So here’s my advice: There is some crazy that you have no choice but to deal with (family, bosses, your parole officer). But for others, you do have a choice. Simply, don’t indulge it. As Snoop Dog might say, “Drop it like it’s hot.”

Sure, this season, you might not be able to literally avoid all the craziness. Because let’s face it, the crazies are out there like the flu bug ready to pop up at any moment. But unlike, the flu, they can’t infect you unless you let them.

So if someone grabs your parking place, don’t go mulling over the unfairness of life for the rest of the day. Think instead: Whoa! That was a crazy person. Glad that encounter’s over. Time to move on.

A colleague starts getting all over you because you didn’t sign the holiday card at the right spot. Instead of getting into of an argument about all the things she does that drive you crazy, simply reflect that the poor woman has been infected by a case of the holiday crazies and mentally step away.

Once you realize how much of the craziness you can actually disengage from, you’ll find some stress slipping right off your shoulders. Well, at least, until you have to drive to Green Hills again.




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