The Jolly Librarian Lists Lessons Learned in the Library for Fall 2011

  • Students like candy, although, strangely, NSCC students do not particularly like Hershey Kisses. This is incomprehensible to the Jolly Librarian and merits further study.
  • More NSCC students like chess than the Jolly Librarian would have predicted. This popularity has not moved her to learn the game.
  • Students like the library book tree and when their librarians dress up for Halloween.
  • Students do not like when the librarians make silly jokes about the titles of textbooks.
  • Students like to make out in the library. This should not be so surprising except that the NSCC Library was not built for privacy.
  • Students, like most people, want to be reassured that they’re not a bother. Once they have a quality experience with a librarian, they will ask for that same person over and over again.
  • On live chat, students will not wait more than 20 seconds for an answer.
  • And, as she realizes every semester, the Jolly Librarian has the best job in the world.

The Jolly Librarian and her Jolly Crew wish all students and faculty everywhere a restful break between semesters!


2 thoughts on “The Jolly Librarian Lists Lessons Learned in the Library for Fall 2011

  1. Yes, being a librarian/mobilist is more than a job with me, it’s just plain fun! Especially being a biking librarian that is planning a “Cycling for Libraries” unconference prior to the TLA conference next Spring. “A good day is riding your bike to the library.!”

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