The Jolly Librarian Lists the Things that Librarians Would Just as Soon Not Hear

And these are in no certain order:

  • If I had your job, I’d kill myself.
  • I wish I had the cushy job of sitting around all day and reading.
  • I like to think of you as my secretary!
  • So how long do you think you have until Google makes your job obsolete?
  • Could you go upstairs and ask the couple in the next study room to stop making out?
  • I need five sources for a paper that’s due in a hour. So they need to be really short and with lots of good information.
  • No, you can’t help me. I’m waiting for that cute librarian.
  • I need a book. I don’t remember the title or the author. Or really what’s it about. But my professor said it would be helpful. 

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