When It’s All Over, We Still Have to Clear Up

Today’s title comes from an early Snow Patrol album, and it struck me as an appropriate idea for the first blog of the new year. Like many people, I get caught up in the idea of a new start for the new year.  I will be kinder, richer, gentler, and thinner. There is a sense that somehow a new person will rise out of bed on January and leave the old mistakes and errors behind. Or at least that’s what I’ve liked to think.

But, of course, we don’t leave our old selves behind. There is still stuff to clear up. If nothing else, the weight I put on last year hasn’t disappeared. My Christmas credit card bill will appear this month and need to be paid. And no matter how kind I resolve to be, I will still have to deal with the ramifications of my thoughtless words at a December party.

Yes, the past may be gone forever, but it does tend to leave detritus that can smack you up side the head if you pretend it never existed. It’s not that change is impossible, but change does have to take into account who we are and where we’ve been.

And it often means clearing up the mess we’ve made before moving on.

Happy New Year!



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