The Library Staff and Resolutions

It’s that happy time of the year when the Jolly Librarian hunts down her colleagues and forces them to tell her their New Year’s resolutions. In my enthusiasm, I even bought a scale so that we could weigh each week in case any of the resolutions had to do with weight. But the scale caused so much angst that I sold it at the end of the day.

In the library, we seem to have two totally approaches to resolutions. On one side are the enthusiasts. They have never seen a resolution they didn’t like. Ask one of them about their resolutions, and you will be listening for a while: “Oh, I’m giving up sugar. I’m going to read fifty books. I’m walking everyday.” And on and on. They happily embrace the idea of change, but they have a hard time turning those resolutions into reality.

On the other side, you have the deniers. They see nothing special about a new year that would require them to make changes. So they don’t. “Resolutions don’t work,” they grumble before eating another piece of cake or buying a third soda instead of getting a glass of water. It’s not that they can’t change; they are just not going to let New Year’s dictate the pace.

Still, we are nothing if not optimists in the library, so despite our poor track record, we have set some resolutions. Here are they are:

  • Emily resolves to go gluten-free for one month this year to see what all the hubbub is about.
  • Pam has resolved not to complain in 2012.
  • Sally will get more involved in the Tennessee Library Association and make more of a difference as a librarian in literacy, while continuing to tell people about what  great resources MERLOT and TEL are.  (As a side resolution, she will continue advocating for safer conditions for biking commuters.)
  • Terry resolves to take more advantage of free entertainment options throughout the city, for example, the Howard Finster exhibit at the Tennessee State Museum. (Also, he will keep all his socks together.)
  • The Jolly Librarian has a reading resolution for this year. I will read books in the following areas:
    • a biography of George Washington. My goal is to read a biography for each president up to my birth year. (The current ones hold no interest for me since I don’t think there’s been enough time to have real perspective on them.)
    • a literary biography (probably Dickens since it’s the bicentennial of his birth)
    • another classic I should have read already, probably Bleak House.
    • a book of poetry
    • a current popular favorite

Those are our resolutions so far. Of course, knowing our group, they could be completely different next week.



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