The Library Makes Its Own Resolutions

For many of us, a library is more than a collection of books, magazines, and databases. It is a place with an identity as individual and real as our own. When I was a child, the library was as much friend as place. It provided companionship as I decided on the next book to check out.

So it’s not much of stretch for me to imagine that the library where I work has made its own resolutions for 2012. And I think it is these:

  • I resolve to make students comfortable within my walls, but not so comfortable that they will feel free to have sex in my study rooms.
  • I resolve not to have hurt feelings when students or faculty complain about a book not being on the shelves or a database not working when I know full well it is user error.
  • I will not worry about my weight this year; in fact, I will continue to grow in cyberspace until all patrons have access to resources.
  • I resolve not to take it personally when the library staff leaves food so long in the fridge that a sour stench starts to permeate the office area. I will simply tell myself that it’s their problem, not mine.
  • I will continue to emit gentle vibrations around those students who are confused about how to find sources, vibrations that gently urge them to go up to the reference desk and ask a question.
  • I resolve that every student will feel welcome being in the library, whether it’s within my physical or virtual walls. (Well, except for the sex thing again.)

Here’s to a great 2012!



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