Another Year: Another (Failed?) Attempt at Self-Improvement

Followers of the Jolly Librarian know that I am often forcing my colleagues to participate in team-building activities, such as weight loss, goal setting, and thirty-day improvement boot camps. In general. there have been two results: First,we have failed in our goals. Two, most of the library staff will now not meet my eye when I start talking up another project.

But right before Christmas, Charles told Pam about a new book she might be interested in, and she told me. We both ordered it and decided to give it a go for this year. The book is 52 Small Changes: One Year to a Happier, Healthier You by Brett Blumenthal. We decided that, since we had not been able to do anything big, we might be more successful with smaller week-long projects. 

So we started the first Sunday of January. Our first change was to drink more water. That was not hard to do, especially since most experts have backed off from the eight glasses a day regimen. The second week we were to get more rest; in my case, that was helped by a stomach virus which meant I was in the bed for the greater part of 72 hours. The third week instructed that we move more. So far, so good.

Then this week, we were to keep track of everything we ate. Oddly, this seems to have had an opposite effect of what the author intended. Pam and I both seem to have taken this to mean to eat as much as possible, to fill up the maximum number of pages with items we’ve consumed. Still, it’s not been a complete waste: We are more aware of what we’re eating, although that has not served as a prevention technique yet.

I have not given up hope of having more of the library staff join us in our attempt to “improve ourselves in 12.” I’ll keep you posted.



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