Ten Things Library Folks Wished Students and Faculty Knew–A New Series

Twice a year, the deans and directors of the Tennessee Board of Regents Libraries meet to discuss issues and trends. At last fall’s meeting, the director of the Chattanooga Library, Vicky Leather, who is one of my librarian heroes, pointed out that people who work in the libraries have the opportunity to see students in a different way from other folks on campus.

I was struck by that remark and wrote it down. (Of course, I then lost the actual quotation in the pile of notebooks and papers that stay on my desk.) I do think those of us in libraries (perhaps especially community college libraries) have the opportunity to see students more holistically. Students don’t worry about our grading them. They are not trying to impress us in any way. So I think maybe how we see students might be of some service to students and faculty.

Maybe not. But hey, it’s my blog. So for the next ten Tuesdays, I’m going to offer some observations in order to help students see themselves more accurately in this wild world of academia.

Stay tuned.



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