Daily Archives: February 1, 2012

The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Week 2

Our mission for this week is to be more optimistic. Now, in general, the Jolly Librarian is fairly optimistic; in fact, so much so, I am having a hard time believing that the entire staff didn’t join in on the Self-Improvement bandwagon after I announced it last week. But am I letting the fact that no one asked to be a part of the team let me down? Not at all. I will simply move to more coercive measures.

While there are many studies that show the benefits of optimism, it’s important to be realistic. The person who always sees the good side may be not only optimistic but ¬†also delusional.

For example, let’s say someone can’t get into library school, so he says that he’ll go to medical school instead and that will be just as good. Well, maybe so. But not if he didn’t put in the work for library school and is simply putting a good face on his lack of effort.

Optimism, like all good qualities, needs legs to walk on. And those legs are hard work and perseverance.

For our updates, Pam has not been very optimistic this week. Unfortunately, she has been sick and confined to her sofa. So I’m wishing her a speedy recovery.

For me, I found one of the ironies of having a week dedicated to optimism is that I suddenly become quite aware of the times that I’m not. I had a couple of pessimistic moments on Sunday and then again yesterday. But in general, I do see the glass as half full, and that does make the days go by much more pleasantly.

Now the hard part about this challenge is that it’s cumulative, so while I’m being optimistic, I also have to drink water, get enough sleep, and move. So far, so good. Although I’m wondering how my optimism will hold out at the end of the year when I’m having to do 52 things at once!