The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Hermits’ Delight

There was a general sigh of relief when we read this week’s assignment: Carve out some alone time. If there is something that library folks know how to do, it’s being alone. Let’s face it; many of our habits are solitary: reading, writing, looking up esoteric facts to share with uninterested friends, etc.

Even Pam, our most extroverted participant, managed to get in alone time by coming down with a stomach virus and staying home for two days. For Emily and me, it was just business as usual. As Emily pointed out, this weekly challenge was probably not meant for people like us. Still, we’ll take success any way it comes.

For those of you who need to find ways to be alone, here are some suggestions:

  • Go for a walk or a run. (Although I’ve joined the Y, I have yet to go to a class. I find walking/running on the track to be a more fulfilling activity.)
  • Read a book. (It’s one of the best ways to relax and enter other worlds.)
  • Begin a hobby. (Get away from the television and try something new.)
  • Close your door. (Pam doesn’t have a door, but she put curtains on her cubicle, so that she can lunch in peace.)

Our grades for this week:



Jolly Librarian–A



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