The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Stretching the Night Away

Our assignment this week was to stretch. Now everyone who works out knows that stretching is a good idea. Especially as we get older, stretching keeps the muscles limber and allows us to keep moving. But it’s boring. At least in my opinion. And Emily’s.

Even after Pam gave us a demonstration of proper technique, we still could not get motivated.

Stretching Demo

Pam assured us that if we just give it a try, we would not only be more supple but also more relaxed. Although I would not peg Pam for the poster child of relaxation, I’m still going to commit to being better at stretching, especially in the evenings before bedtime.

For those of you who would like more information on how to stretch safely, the SparkPeople website gives a good guide. Or you could come to the library and have a session with Pam.

Our grades for this week:

Pam: C+   She’s been stretching but still hasn’t read the book.

Emily: C    She tried to say not owning the book was a good excuse, but I pointed out that, as a librarian, she could have researched stretching techniques. Still, she did stretch twice for 10 minutes each time.

Jolly Librarian: C  Read the chapter and did some stretching after running, but nothing formalized.




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