The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Take a Deep Breath

I should have known better. Emily was never enthusiastic about this project. And Pam, while always enthusiastic, lacks a little in the follow-through department. I should have remembered the day she started (and ended) a blog. So this week, I report alone.

Our assignment for this week: Take 10-15 minutes for deep breathing. The research tells us that deep breathing has many benefits, including reducing stress by slowing down our heart rate and  moving our thoughts away from what’s troubling us. And it works.

But unfortunately, it’s not something that I remember to do when life is working just fine. So this week, since I didn’t drive in bad weather, have an  argument with anyone, or see a critter in my house, I didn’t work on my deep breathing skills.

So our grades for this week:

Emily:     F

Pam:       F

Jolly Librarian:  F


For those of you with tablets and smartphones, there are apps that will help you with your deep breathing; most are 99 cents.



One thought on “The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Take a Deep Breath

  1. I am so ashamed. I hang my head. Truly, I have never been more…distracted from being productive in the things that most matter to my heart…like music. It seems life is getting in the way…Does that make sense? STill, this causes huge amounts of stress to my inner self that explodes within to be creative. Not having the ‘plan’ as to what to do first or how to do it causes such frustration and anxiety that I procrastinate to do anything much at all–and THUS, the cycle continues. So, more than Ever, I need to breathe deeply, to eat nutriciously, to stretch, to write down my caloric intake, etc. Come to think of it, in fact,… I am doing ALL of these things (except deep breathing), a little at a time Every Week! And, I am less stressed, am sleeping better, and though tired, am losing weight! If I add in deep breathing…I may just forget that I care about expressing my inner creative self….No wait! I’m stressed at the thought! Who has chocolate!?

    Pam…never ceasing to self-improve…

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