The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Clean Green

This week, we were supposed to go green with our cleaning. Now the Jolly Librarian was a little shocked to learn that there was such a thing as green cleaning. I had always assumed that the act of having a “green” home was to simply not clean it and let nature take its course. I realized that I would have to stop bragging about the “naturalness” of my home. 

Still, determined to fulfill the assignment, I went to Costco and bought some green cleaner. Being a fan of symmetry, I was pleased that my green cleaner was literally green. 


You might have noticed that my going green has not gone beyond the buying stage since the product is still in the wrapper. Still, when the time comes to clean, I will be ready.

Now for my teammates:

Pam is using the old “I have a math class” excuse for not having done her assignment: “Been cleaning out my body with GREEN vegetables!! And have added lettuce, sugar peas, and turnip greens to the garden…so they are cleaning out the outside of toxins!….does that count? Because other cleaning in my house just isn’t happening til math class is over! Ha.”

Emily, on the other hand, is something of a green aficionado. Her favorite cleanser is vinegar. Here’s her testimonial: “I often clean with vinegar, which is a “green cleaner,” since you can get 2.5 gallons at Cost-co for 4 bucks. Vinegar’s also good for killing weeds, ants, and making salad dressing.”


Grades for this week:

Pam: F (She still has not read a single chapter of the book, and math class can’t make up for that.)

Emily: A (She found a natural, cheap, and edible cleanser. It almost deserves extra credit.)

Jolly Librarian: F (Unwrapped cleanser does not a clean house make.)




3 thoughts on “The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Clean Green

  1. I’m with Emily. Everything I use to clean with has to be “green”. That is why I am the Environmental Librarian and set up an “Earth Day Exhibit” in the library, and also why I pick up trash in the parking lot on my way in every morning! Washing windows with vinegar and newspapers is a great way to wash windows, and cheap.

  2. I would like to add that Jolly should have at least got a C for going to the trouble to purchase green products! That does not at all deserve an F.

    As far as vinegar, I used to clean houses, and the finishing touch for one particular client was her having me use a diluted vinegar/water solution on mop pads across her beautiful old hardwood floors. Worked wonders. The entire house smelled of vinegar BUT, one it faded, and one grew to associate cleanliness with that smell.

    Lastly, I would just like to say that last night, as I hand-dug 2 more rows to my garden, I for the first time, used my own COMPOST!! It was beautiful and rich, and my shovel sunk right down through it as I scooped up last years decayed vegetables from my house, heaped and settled in an ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY pile! Shouldn’t that cound for SOMETHING!?

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