Monday Motivator: Make a List (and Check It)

I am now the owner of eight cans of bathtub cleaner, 23 dental floss dispensers, 20 razors, and 6 tubes of toothpaste. No, I am not preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse.  I went to Costco without a list.

This happens to me on a regular basis. I’ll decide to run to Costco right after work, hoping to catch the store in one of its less frantic times. I then rely on my memory for what I need. And my memory is usually wrong.

I would blame it on my advancing age except that I’ve always been this way. I recall one especially embarrassing time in my thirties when I bought several bottles of hair conditioner over a week’s period when what I needed was shampoo.  But every time I walked into Target, my mind, for some strange reason, fastened on conditioner.

By this point, I should know better. I should not enter any store without a list of what I need. To do otherwise simply invites disaster: I don’t have all the ingredients I need to make a dish or I suddenly have enough oregano to supply a chain of Italian restaurants. I end up trying to stuff an overflowing bathroom cabinet full of various cleansers with eight more Scrubbing Bubbles. Or I discover that I didn’t buy shaving  cream, which was the only thing I actually needed from Costco last week.

Lists are useful: That’s why businesses have operating manuals on how to get things done. They’re not just for new employees but an ever-present reminder that memories are slippery things.

So this week, make a list and actually check it. And if you need dental floss, see me. I can give you a really good deal.


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