The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Whole Grain or No Grain

The Jolly Librarian’s discussion with Pam today:

JL: Are you ready to report on your progress?

Pam: I didn’t do anything.

JL: I thought we were going to work on this together.

Pam: We are doing this together. I’m just failing miserably at it.

Of course, with Pam’s creative, right-brained nature, it should not be surprising that her interest in following weekly guidelines from a book would wax and wane unpredictably. But I did think she’d occasionally read the assignment. So far, I’ve been wrong.

Even Emily, who usually can be counted on to say something sassy, could only come up with, “Sometimes I eat whole grains; sometimes I don’t.  I’m never going to eat a whole-grain grilled cheese.” And I have to admit I feel the same way about hot dogs, although I guess one could say if I’m eating hot dogs, I’m not that concerned about my health in the first place.

As you can guess, our task for this week was to choose whole grains, a worthy goal. If you want to add more whole grains to your diet, click here for a helpful article from one of our databases.

Our grades for this week:

Pam:  F (still not reading the chapters)

Emily: A (For eating mostly whole-grains, but not going crazy over it. The research supports her.)

Jolly Librarian: F. (The JL is not having a good week. Enough said.)


One thought on “The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Whole Grain or No Grain

  1. I give the “Jolly Librarian” an A for promoting our databases, and as for hotdogs I love them. They are not that bad for you. My philosophy is “moderation in everything and life is good!”

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