The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Laughter in the Workplace

Our task for this week was to laugh more. For once, we had an assignment that we didn’t  even have to think about. All three of us are good at finding the humor in most situations.

In fact, Pam is so willing to find the humor in things that when we tell her a joke, she’ll laugh and laugh, and then say, “I don’t get it.”

Emily’s humor can be a little more subversive. Yesterday, in a moment of intense hunger, Pam went to the refrigerator and ate a piece of cheese. She then sent an email to the rest of the library staff saying she’d eaten the cheese and hoped that was okay. I wondered what she’d do if she received an email that said it was most definitely not okay. Regurgitate the cheese? But Emily responded with the hint that the cheese had been poisoned to catch the thief.

The Jolly Librarian likes to share her humor with students. When one comes to the desk to say the printer’s not working, I respond with, “Did you call it names? Did you hurt its feelings? Printers need love, you know!”  When a student checks out Living with Art, I always say, “That crazy title. It makes art sound like a disease.”  Because the students don’t like to make noise in the library, they hold in the laughter that I know my witty remarks elicit.

Umm. Or maybe library humor should just stay in the library?

Anyway, our grades for this week:

Pam        A

Emily    A

Jolly Librarian   A


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