The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Eating-We-Will-Go

Our assignment this week was to eat small, regular meals. Almost every source will tell you that eating at regular times keeps you energized and causes you to eat less (because you never get ravenous). This seems an incredibly logical way to eat.

The Jolly Librarian was a little disappointed to discover that eating regular meals does not mean continuous grazing throughout the day, and it certainly doesn’t mean eating one piece of chocolate after another until the 5-pound Costco bag is empty. 

Emily, on the other hand, has so internalized the regular eating process that she seemed mystified by the assignment. This is just normal eating for her. (And I don’t need any emails pointing out that this may be the reason that she wears a certain size and the Jolly Librarian wears another, exponentially larger, size.)

Pam has been working hard on improving her eating habits and feels pretty successful. She pointed out that some pants were fitting much more comfortably than just a few months ago. So she’s not about to change a system that’s working, even if it’s a healthy one. Plus, Pam is one of those musician types, and I’m not sure that she’s ever done anything on a regular basis.

So, in general, it wasn’t a bad week for us:

Pam– A

Emily– A

Jolly Librarian– D




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