The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Running on Empty

Well, we all knew this week was coming. In a book on improving your health, there will inevitably be a chapter on starting some sort of aerobic exercise. And, my friends, this was the week: Aerobic exercise for at least thirty minutes three times a week.

Depending on how strictly you define the terms, we all succeeded:

Pam worked in her garden over the weekend and has walked to Target this week. Considering that she was also studying for her math final, I think that’s success.

Emily, concerned about the sedentary nature of library work,  had already started working out before the assignment: going for 2.5 mile walk/runs. Her first efforts brought on an allergy (diagnosed by the Jolly Librarian). The second week brought on excessive hunger. So far, she is not impressed by aerobic exercise.

The Jolly Librarian tries to get out to the gym a couple of times a week. There I run on a small track (13 times makes a mile). It is the only place that I have any success with running. Then I try to get out and walk in my neighborhood as well. Unfortunately, like with Emily, exercise ramps up my appetite in such an exponential manner that I will have to walk to Georgia (the one in Europe) to work off the calories.

Still, since the assignment was NOT aerobically exercise AND eat less, I’m giving us all A’s.


One thought on “The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Running on Empty

  1. For a great aerobic workout I highly recommend cycling to work. You get time to think and see the city in a new light. After breaking my leg, cycling is now part of my therapy. We just added a new book in the library about philosopy and cycling, Cycling: a philosophical tour de force. (GV1043.7 .C9 2010) Bike commuting is actually the morally correct thing to do. Plus, it is fun!

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