The Self-Improvement Chronicles: From Peaches to Purpose

Our book took a radical turn this week. We went from adding some fruit to our diet to finding our purpose in life. Yikes!

Typically, my colleagues took very different views to this assignment. Emily’s first response: “I discovered nihilism this week.” But after some thought, she added,  “My purpose in life is to provide inspiration to the Jolly Librarian’s “Emily” character — loosely based on the real me  — who loves self-improvement and sassin’.”  (And the Jolly Librarian appreciates it!)

Pam, whose favorite conversation starter is “Why are we here?” took a different approach: “It’s been a thoughtful time as I think beyond an Associate’s degree and ponder my life up ahead in my 60’s. Haven’t had any breakthroughs – go back and forth (stunning, I know) with thinking I believe I could one day have something to offer others who struggle if I pursued clinical social work counseling. Have looked at the Philosophy/Religion degree at Tennessee in Chattanooga and it is alluring. Music is alive and well again and finding its way into my life in four new areas, so I continue to hope that will be a part of my professional path. So for now, I’m living one day at a time sorting through life as I go, as we all have to do, and enjoying growing some green beans, turnips and tomatoes along the way. Anyone for a nice squash? I seem to have planted them everywhere thinking they were nice tomato plants. Oh, yea, gardening…Did I mention that in my future prospects as a life career?”

The Jolly Librarian would like to keep working with students and books while writing words of wisdom for her ten blog readers. And since she is now closing in on what self-help writers euphemistically call the second act, she, like Pam is thinking of new opportunities that may be waiting.

As you might imagine, there are many life purpose articles out there. Here are some links to a couple of worksheets:

Monique Martineau

Life Purpose Worksheet

Grades for this Week:

Pam:  A  (How can you count points off on someone’s life purpose?)

Emily: A (for making me laugh)

Jolly Librarian: A


One thought on “The Self-Improvement Chronicles: From Peaches to Purpose

  1. My life’s purpose is to be the best librarian that I can, promote the Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL) to all Tennesseans, and spread the love of the printed word to everyone. I also want to continue to tell people what a great resource MERLOT is, and to be a Mobilist for TBR and do this all by bicycle.

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