The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Go Organic

The Jolly Librarian is not an organic sort of person. I’m not going to give a bunch of excuses. End of story. However, I have started buying organic eggs, not because of any health benefits, but due to a story a friend told me about conditions in chicken factories. I may not care about my own health, but I do think there should be some concern given to animals who are being asked to sacrifice for our comfort.

Pam and Emily are much better at this than I. They are both avid gardeners. Pam’s garden is totally organic. In fact, even as I write this, she is having a moral dilemma over dealing with the bugs that are eating her lima beans. Emily is on vacation this week, but we have all been going to her house to water her garden. Things seem pretty organic there as well. 

If you are thinking about going organic but are worried about the costs, Dr. Oz has some tips.

Our grades for this week:

Pam                        A

Emily                       A

Jolly Librarian            F


One thought on “The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Go Organic

  1. We also subscribe to the magazine Organic Gardening in the library. We keep the current 2 years on our current shelves. Academic Search database has the full text articles from 1990 to current.

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