The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Kicking the Fat Out (of our Dairy)

Our task this week was to reduce the fat in our dairy choices.

And the Jolly Librarian sighed with relief. I gave up whole-fat dairy many years ago. In fact, I was the first in my family to do so. At home, I buy no-fat milk, reduced-fat cheese, and low-fat ice cream (or no-fat frozen yogurt). But to be honest, all of this tastes as good as full-fat does to me. If it didn’t, then I’d probably be making different choices.

Emily, relaxed from her vacation, actually combined assignments: She found low-fat organic milk at Costco, which lasts a month (an economical choice as well). However, her sassiness returned in time for her to add, “I don’t buy low-fat cheese and never will. ”

Pam was faced with a dilemma. Since her latest physical, she has been trying to add calcium to her diet, while keeping watch on her fat intake. How to do both? Here are her thoughts: “I now use 1% milk–rather than soy in order to get more calcium. I only buy low-fat cottage cheese.  I’m careful to watch my intake of cheese, however, I do at times choose a lower fat, white cheese over a heavy yellow (delicious) cheese in order to have less fat.  Ice cream and frozen yogurt are not even something I bring home to have at the house anymore, and let’s face it, McDonald’s dip cones, although they call my name VERY LOUDLY IN THE SUMMER, are not an option.

Here’s an article about women and dairy from our Health and Wellness database.

This week’s grades:

Pam–         A

Emily–      B+ (no low-fat cheese ever?)

Jolly Librarian– B (low-fat does not mean it’s all right to have 6 scoops of ice cream)


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