The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Good Friends, Toxic Friends, Any Friends?

Well, our report today just might confirm librarian stereotypes 😦 Our task was to cultivate our positive relationships and minimize our toxic ones.  Yes, this task was about people, yet two of our reports mentioned nary a human being.

Emily:  “The only relationships I cultivated this week were with my tomatoes and they’re not doing well, so that means I’m the toxin.”

Pam: “Good grief. Let me just say that I’ve been spending a lot of time with my cat, Ginny, who brought me a broken yet enriched heart to her last day on Monday. Other cleansing and healthy relationships have been nurturing my pepper plants, tomato plants, garlic, squash, green beans and pumpkins as they keep shooting up out of this dry dirt. As far as getting rid of toxic relationships, I have squished me many a potato bug – smearing it on the leaf as I go as a hopeful repellent to other such critters, as well as shooing off the raccoon who nightly comes to scavenge Timmy’s, my outside cat, food. Now there! ….that’s what this task meant, right?”

And the Jolly Librarian? In an effort to beef up our report, I went online and looked at questionnaire entitled “The Health of Your Relationships.” Based on the results, I have no relationships.

Grades for this week:  F’s all around.



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