The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Give Us Strength

Last week, the Jolly Librarian was on vacation, and her self-improvement colleagues also took the week off. So we’ll pretend last week never happened and start again. Our assignment was to start 20-30 minutes of strength training two-three times a week.

Every book, website, and trainer that promotes health will recommend strength training, and there are many good reasons why. This article from the Mayo Clinic sums up the advantages quite nicely.

But none of our team looked upon this assignment with much favor. I love to walk and run, but put weights in my hand, and I am completely bored.  A twenty-minute period seems like twenty hours. Ugh. However, I have started doing triceps dips at the end of my YMCA workout.

Here are the other reports:

When I asked Emily for her report, her response was, “I don’t have the strength for it.”

Pam’s take was unique, as usual: “If one considers hoisting my entire body weight (let’s just say it is more than 140 lbs and less than 144 lbs) up on one lumpy leg as weight-bearing, then I am quite the athlete! Away we go, week by week (in between consuming an entire bag of Vanilla wafers in 2 days) thinning down to become sculpted and svelte. It hasn’t happened yet, grant it, but that is surely the outcome of this hoisting, right??”

And to show that she was still enthusiastic about the process, she started doing exercises at the circulation desk.


Our grades for this week:

Pam:   C (a bit late with the work, but she did it)

Emily:  F

Jolly Librarian: B (I don’t get out the weights, but I’m pretty consistent with my push-ups (girl ones) and dips.)


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