Research for the Shortened Semester: Let’s Find Some Sources!

If you have your thesis, you are now ready to find sources to defend it. So off we go to the library (either in person or virtually).

Now, in my own process, it’s at this point that I sit down and write a rough draft of my paper without sources, just to get down on paper what I think about the topic. It may work for you as well.

More than likely, your sources will be one of the following:

Books (either print or ebooks)

Articles (from magazines or journals in print or electronic form)


Your instructor may have told you what sources are acceptable, so always follow the rules of the assignment. NSCC Information Literacy LibGuide can also help you judge your sources.

One of the reasons why you want to establish your thesis first is to provide you with a guide when looking for sources. Let’s say that your topic is treatments for depression in the elderly. You can now narrow your search accordingly. In most cases, you want your source material to back up your arguments, not to provide background information.

So your search terms would look something like this: depression AND elderly AND treatment.

And if your search doesn’t come up with useful items, then visit us in the library. We’re always ready and willing to help.




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