The Self-Improvement Chronicles: A Fish Story

Our task for this week was another simple one: eat fish twice a week. Well, it was supposed to be easy, but, of course, the task did not take into account the evil machinations of Emily and Pam. Upon hearing the assignment, their first thought was to go on all-you-can-eat-fried-fish spree at Cap’n D’s.  Yes, these are the crafty minds I work with. Still, they both like fish and eat it on a regular basis.

Here is Emily’s report: I haven’t had seafood this week. However, I normally eat fish once or twice a week and I do have some fish ready to cook tonight.  

Emily’s Debbie Downer Side note: I was reading about fisheries/fishing last night and it made me feel guilty about eating fish at all. 

Jolly Librarian’s Note: For those of you who also want to feel guilty about eating fish, here’s a link.

Pam’s report: I had shrimp at Shoney’s last night and today several bites of my pumpkin seeds tasted fishy.

Jolly Librarian: I am opposed to eating anything that has eyes staring at me as I take a bite. Still, I have listened to the innumerable nutrition books and blogs that state that fish is good for me. So I’ve added tuna sandwiches to my weekly lunch rotation.

Well, if these stories don’t make you want to eat some fish, nothing will 🙂

Our grades for the week:

Emily Bush– B (No fish this week, but is usually a fish eater.)

Pam– D – (Fried shrimp doesn’t quite count!)

Jolly Librarian– A (Who would think eating canned tuna would put me at the top of the class?)


3 thoughts on “The Self-Improvement Chronicles: A Fish Story

  1. I am also trying to start eating fish. I am proud of myself. I actually tried some salmon with a nice salad. I did have to take a bite of the salad with the salmon, so I could eat it, :).

  2. Ha! You are my boss, but I find you very funny, indeed! And, Christina, good to know you are trying :-). I truly need to follow such good advice. I am just too lazy to COOK! And, let me just say to all of our avid 3 readers– put talapia, for instance, on a panini grill, and it is ready in about 2 minutes! It is delicious….and, I’VE JUST INSPIRED MYSELF! That will be what I have with my supper!

  3. Way to go Pam! I love fish, and it is so easy to cook. Salmon is great grilled! I also like fish chowder (in the Winter).

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