The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Stepping Away from the Soda (Not!)

Our task this was week to avoid sugary drinks. This should be a no-brainer on the way to health and weight loss. Almost every weight-loss story begins with the person giving up full-sugar soda and dropping ten or twenty pounds in the first month. Even diet soda now gets a bad rap: recent studies having linked it to increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and obesity.

So what’s a self improver to do? Well, for the Jolly Librarian, I am typing this between sips of the gigantic Diet Coke I bought at the drive-through today.  Yep, I’m a soda addict. And I’m probably not going to stop any time soon.

On the other hand, Pam is reveling in this week’s assignment: “I am doing SO GOOD! Yay! For once, I’ve been on task (does it count that I don’t drink soft drinks, anyway?) It does take a bit of the glee out of my celebration, doesn’t it? However, I just don’t. They are too fattening. When I was 18, I once made a New Year’s resolution to not drink soft drinks –and I didn’t for 8 years!”

And Emily was her usual enigmatic self: “I had some lemonade.”

So our grades for this week:

Pam:                         A+ (for her long-term commitment not to drink soda)

Jolly Librarian:   F  (I couldn’t even give it for the time it took to write this entry)

Emily:                     F (I suspect she was trying to get credit through vague wording.)




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