The Self-Improvement Chronicles: “No” Is the New “Yes”

Our assignment this week was to say no to activities that aren’t important to us so that we’ll have time for those that are.

People never seem to have trouble saying no to me, so I’m not sure what the issue is. But it apparently is so widespread that magazines and blogs are always taking on this topic. If you are having a hard time saying no, here’s an article that will teach you how.

As far as our group, here are the reports:

Emily:  “This week’s task to was too deeply philosophical for me to grasp.” (The Jolly Librarian suspects this is just a fancy of way of saying no to the task.)

Pam: “Oh my; I’m failing miserably. If anything, I keep saying yes to the unimportant (ie. Words with Friends, Free Cell Solitaire and Word Slinger). I’m just having a nervous week! (Wonder why? I’m falling behind in all my important stuff that needs to be attended to! But, hey..I’ve worked my butt off, around it all, picked some squash, cleaned a house for 10.5 hours, and passed a killer BIOL test. Does that count? Now…wonder if Ebay has any antique, cast iron animal doorstops or cookie molds for sale….)”

Jolly Librarian: Like Pam, I often find myself not worrying so much about saying yes to other people, but saying no to my own wandering eye. I can become fascinated with the smallest of things, while the really important stuff never gets done. So maybe I need to pay more attention to this assignment after all.


Emily:       F (on the suspicion of sassiness)

Pam:          C (for realizing her weakness and still getting things done)

Jolly Librarian: D (for realizing the weakness but not getting things done)



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