The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Sweeping Away the Cobwebs

Our task for this week was to dust out our environment, physically, not metaphorically.

After reading the assignment on Sunday morning, I went into living room where I ran flat into a cobweb that a spider seemed to be navigating across the room. Suddenly motivated, I took out a dust mop and cleared out all the corners of cobwebs, dusted, and vacuumed. Unfortunately, as I type this, three days later, dust is again accumulating in my home.

If your home too never seems to be dust free, then here are some tips to get it under control from the American Lung Association.

As for us, here are our updates:

Emily: I couldn’t even remember what our task was for this week… (But) I dusted some on Sunday.

Pam: Does cleaning another person’s house count? I cleaned out my vehicle (well, the front seat–mine, not the passenger)…That’s about it…

Our final grades:

Emily: F (for not paying attention to my emails)

Pam:  B (At least someone’s house is dust-free, even if it’s not hers.)

Jolly Librarian:  C (An effort was made, but the fact that spiders were able to build their own version of a high-flying trapeze act in my home  is just not a good sign.)



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