The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Pick a Hobby (Any Hobby)

Our task for this week was to indulge in one of our hobbies. For once, we were assured of victory. We self-improvers may not clean, eat well, or exercise, but we do have our hobbies. In fact, I was surprised to find some people not only do not have a hobby, but have no idea of how to find one. If you are one of those folks, here’s a link on how to find one

The self-improvers have a plethora of hobbies:

  • We all enjoy reading. In fact, Emily and the Jolly Librarian are both on if you would like to join us there to share reading lists.
  • Emily and Pam are gardeners.
  • Emily is a cook.
  • Pam loves to study religion and philosophy.
  • The Jolly Librarian dabbles in writing.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  The one thing that you can depend on with us is that we’ll always be picking up and giving up various hobbies.

But for our reports:

Emily: I’ve been partaking in my once-every-four-years hobby of watching the summer Olympics. Since much of the Olympics is boring, I can multitask and read at the same time. Does that get me double points?

Pam: As gardening goes, here is my hobby update. Disappointed after much watering and too much drought which brought about very small yields, I decided to pull up my green beans remains! I am still trying to take good care of my tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, basil, squash and variety of fall gourds. It is a challenge. Squash is not producing well and my earliest tomato plants gave 1 yield and withered up. Good gracious; I’ve spent sooo much time watering, it’s extremely disappointing. Still, it was great exercise. On to next hobby…reading seedlings catalogs for Fall garden! 

Jolly Librarian: I finished reading a biography of Edith Wharton and a novel. I wrote a page of a story everyday. I am also going through a period of adding some decoration to my house (perhaps related to the Wharton bio). So I’ve been looking for tables.

Final Grades:

Emily:    A

Pam:      A

Jolly Librarian:   A

This may be the first (and probably only) time we’ve all done the assignment!



3 thoughts on “The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Pick a Hobby (Any Hobby)

  1. Pam,

    Our yard man bought us a timer for our sprinkler. It has helped keep our grass from looking dreadful. Like your experience it helped but did not entirely fix the problem drought. However, you might look into something like this at Home Depot or Lowes…

    1. Hi Patty,
      How nice of you to comment (and actually READ the blog 🙂 We sometimes wonder if anyone does – or at least, I do. That is an EXCELLENT idea. My garden squash all died within just days. It was unbelievable, and I truly don’t know what happened! I think it was the water/no water/ heat/ etc. Anyway, I’m about ready to plow most of it up. Goards are now all dying. I hope I get a few pumpkins at least and some more tomatoes. Thanks for suggesting the sprinkler system. I always thought it would be too expensive. Is it?

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