Monday Motivator: Find Ten Good Minutes

If in the Olympics, this day would not get a medal. In fact, it more likely would have pulled a muscle and fell flat on the track. It was not a bad day, just one full of inconveniences:

  • A poor choice of food yesterday made for an uncomfortable, sleepless night.
  • I got up late and had to rush out for an appointment.
  • I drove to that appointment in a heavy rainstorm.
  • At the car place, although I had an appointment, there were several people in front of me.
  • The cost for work on my car was $135 more than I expected.

You get the picture. I sat down to eat in a grumbly mood and opened my iPad to look at some books I’d downloaded a few months before. Of course, in my bad mood, none appealed to me. But I bad-naturedly flipped through pages until a topic caught my eye: “Live ten minutes in the life of  the ‘ideal you.'”

Yeah, I know. It sounds kind of sappy. But let’s face it, many days, things just go wrong. And you might be tempted to give up and just hope tomorrow is better. But this is a reminder that the whole day doesn’t have to be a waste. Maybe I didn’t get to the Y today, but I can still do some weights when I get home. And paying money for my car is a pain, but I can still sit in my blue chair tonight and read a book.

So maybe a day can’t be all good, but that doesn’t mean it has to be all bad.



2 thoughts on “Monday Motivator: Find Ten Good Minutes

  1. Yeah, sort of like when I smashed my thumb in a door on the last day of my vacation. It doesn’t mean the whole vacation was ruined. It was great, and besides I got to tell librarians all along the Ohio River Valley how great MERLOT is. Yes, life is always good! It’s good to be positive minded.

    1. Ok, Sally, I believe you have lost your mind over Merlot…buuuuut… 🙂 I do have to say that I agree with your right attitude about the 1 thing not ruining the other 9! I do love this particular posting Jolly One. It is a reminder that we should spend at least some of our day recapturing ourself and be present in that self for at least some of the day. That is very important, and I hadn’t ever really thought about it quite like that. thanks….now, let me go see if there might be an article in Merlot on that…..

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