Daily Archives: August 15, 2012

The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Checking (Not Cracking) Up

This week, our assignment was to schedule all our necessary medical check-ups. This is something that is way too easy to put off, and I, for one, was grateful for the reminder. Actually, I had made a summer bucket list back in May, and getting two of my check-ups were on it. When I read the assignment for this week, I realized that summer was almost over and I needed to make those calls. So this week, I’ve been seeing doctors before coming to work.

If you are wondering what medical screenings are appropriate for your age, here’s a handy chart.

Now for our updates:

Pam: “I am very on task with this one already. There’s nothing I would change.”  (Jolly Librarian note: Pam is on a roll this week. She made an “A” in her biology class!)

Emily: Like many children of doctors, Emily can be a tad reluctant about keeping up with her check-ups. Still she made an appointment this week to see a doctor 🙂

Jolly Librarian: All up to date on check-ups with one more test to go (I hope.)

Our final grades:

Pam:              A

Emily:           A

Jolly Librarian:  A