Confessions of a Goal-Setting Junkie

Anyone who has read the Jolly Librarian knows that I have a inclination to set goals, probably more than the average person. Part of the reason is that I have spent all of my life in an academic setting where lives are counted out by semesters, so every fourteen or so weeks, it is time to begin again. When you add in New Year’s Day and the start of the state fiscal year, July 1, there always seems to be a beginning going on around here.

I also like setting goals because they give some structure to my life. And I am a person who badly needs structure. Without it, I become the blob who watches bad televison and eats ice cream out of the carton for hours on end.

This does not mean that I achieve all the goals I set. This summer, I wrote about the summer bucket list; now as summer comes to a close, I have done ten of the fifteen items on the list. Still, without the list, I probably would have done none of them.

Even if your life is not attuned to semesters, you can always define a new beginning for yourself and set goals for it.

Here are some aids if you want to set some goals:

The linked guide has a handout on SMART goals and a goal-setting worksheet.

For those of you who prefer to “app” your goals, I recommend the following apps:

Goal Tracker

Goal Setting and Motivation HD (adds some fun to the process with goals being mountains that you’re climbing)

Goals can not only give structure to your days but also provide a sense of accomplishment when you reach one. And they can give you yet another excuse to have cake and ice cream.


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